How I learnt mindfulness through prayer

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Like many people for many years I lived on auto pilot much of what I did was through habit than with  real thought and the more competent I became the more I did it through auto pilot mode. it began to breed complacency and I lacked enthusiasm. Life seemed monotonous and stale I knew something had to change. And then I turned to Almighty cause I knew somewhere in my subconscious that he would have the answer and thus began my journey of prayer and connect to living mindfully.

I found that initially my mind was so used to being on auto pilot that focussing on prayer was also difficult and distraction was constant. Initially I lost count of my steps in salah(five time prayer) and had to restart just so that I can complete it accurately. But as I became more and more present to my prayer I began to realize the power of Salah (5 time prayer) and Dua (request from Almighty) For me all of this became a conversation with Almighty and enjoyed the moments of presence. As I became more competent in prayer I had to force myself to continue to remain mindful and present and I still struggle. But Iam more centered and bring my mind back to the present. Being mindful and present in the here and now has made my life more meaningful and my relationship with Almighty much richer.

This mindfulness I now bring in to all my work being present for myself and those I work with and that helps me become aware of non- verbal communication. Understand the joys and pains of others. This insight of being mindful has helped me be more Human while remaining professional. Mindfulness influences my leadership style and improves my Emotional Intelligence. It has also made me a more effective trainer, consultant & executive coach.

While the principle of mindfulness is over 300 years old in a world of constant distractions it seems an ideal tool to make the best out of the here and the now.


2 Replies to “How I learnt mindfulness through prayer”

  1. Very insightful and practical. It makes a lot of sense. I suppose the first step is decide to be mindful during prayer and that will help us be engaged in the prayer, giving the bonus of being competent in mindfulness.


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