Mindless Narcissistic Behavior and Organizational Disaster



I still remember the first day I heard the word Narcissism  it was at a workshop on ‘Mastery of Self’ conducted By Omar Khan in Colombo. I remember the story he shared so vividly and the definition of a Narcissist and it went something like this “A Narcissist is  a person for whom there is no one else but themselves.  With all that is happening in the world I still believe that people are born altruistic and are conditioned to be Narcissistic. May be experience and circumstances teaches us at a young age that one has to look out for one self. At a young age I believe it does not happen for any other purpose other than survival.  But this breeds a habit and this habit follows humans in to adulthood as well and habits are often mindless behaviors and as we go into society we display these behaviors and don’t see anything wrong in it.

When Mindless Narcissistic behavior is compound by greed and jealousy it compels people to hoard for them selves than share with others. When leaders have the mindless Narcissistic behaviors it is recipe for organizational disaster.  The saying people join organizations for the brand and leave because of the boss becomes real. The words of Dr. Stephen R Covey ” the scarcity mind set teaches us that there is only so much and if I share I have less” this is the mindset that brings about dysfunctional  competition where teams compete for what they see as limited resources and want to win at all cost.  What Chaos it creates  among teams and the leadership  sees nothing wrong in it only that he is busy building for him self through all this chaos. Great team members leave this secures his place in the organization.

Mindful leaders ensure that teams have functional competition which creates new innovation and creativity. Where employees feel engaged and motivated and organizations thrive and grow.

Its not enough to have highly competent leaders in an organization it is more important that have the right attitude and mindset.  Just as our country struggles with Mindless Narcissistic leadership that has taken the nation to the brink of disaster behind the failure of many organizations is the Mindless Narcissistic Leadership.

Leaving not just a trail of destruction along the way it also reeks havoc in the hearts and minds of those wounded by  Narcissistic  actions of the leader. Its time for us to hire Leaders with a balance of head and heart in order to ensure that the organization thrive and succeeds. That employees feel engaged and motivated are proud to be a part of the team. It goes back to the fundamental idea of hire for attitude and train for skills.